Divergent Inspired Fashion


Casual Workday Look

Casual Workday
This is a look I like to wear for casual days at the office. If you work in a casual environment, or if your office has casual Fridays, this is a great look that’s relaxed, yet retains a chic element. To start, pair some skinny jeans with a polished top. A skinny jean in a light wash keeps the look casual, while the white blouse keeps it looking polished and put-together. A blazer keeps the look professional, while a bag in a bright colors makes it fresh and fun. You can opt for flats or loafers to complete the look, but even on casual days, I still reach for heels over flats (at barely 5’2, I need the extra height!). A chunky-heeled ankle boot is a great compromise–the wider heel is easier to walk in, yet still gives a sleek silhouette. For this look, I like to keep the jewelry minimal. Pearl earrings are definitely my go-to accessory during the day, and I recently found this Tiffany infinity ring, which I absolutely love–it goes with any outfit, and it reminds me of my favorite show, Revenge! Finally, finish off with some sunglasses in a retro shape, like this pair from J. Crew.

My Favorite Dance Cover-ups

My Favorite Dance Cover-ups
I do contemporary dance on weekends, so my wardrobe usually consists of a leotard or similar, form-fitting pieces, with comfy clothes thrown over my dance clothes as a cover-up. As temperatures drop, I’ve gotten to play around with building an outfit around my dance clothes. Leggings have become an essential part of my dance and weekend wardrobe. They’re so comfortable and stretchy, so they’re perfect for dance and for lounging around. Tall, flat boots are perfect for throwing on before and after dance–they’re easy on your feet, and they keep your calves warm. Sometimes, if the weather is especially nippy, I’ll slip on some warm, fuzzy socks. They’re great for keeping your feet warm while stretching. And often, during the winter months, the freezing dance studio can start to feel like a sauna after several minutes of dance or warm up. I like to layer a sweater over a light, breathable tank top for this reason. A sweater will keep my muscles warm as I stretch, and once I’m warmed up, I can pull it off and keep cool with the tank top. Finally, keep your hair pulled back with these cute bobby pins from Anthropologie.

Divergent Inspired Look – Dauntless

Divergent Inspired Look - Dauntless

We’ve finally gotten to the fifth and final faction in my Divergent Inspired Look series: Dauntless. Dauntless is the faction that values courage and bravery, and it plays a pivotal role in the Divergent series. Dauntless is the faction that Tris chooses, and it is where she forms (and discovers) her true identity as a Divergent.

In the novel, the Dauntless are described as wearing black clothes with tattoos and piercings. They are often seen doing a range of fearless feats, such as jumping from staggering heights or onto moving trains. I wanted to incorporate that toughness into this look, while still keeping the look sleek and modern. When I think Dauntless, what comes to mind are edgy pieces and tough fabrics with a lot of hardware detailing. To start, pair some high-waisted black skinny jeans with a loose-fitting charcoal crop top for a trendy twist. Add some pieces that are distinctly Dauntless, such as black lace-up combat boots and a black leather jacket with silver hardware details. Finish off with some edgy accessories that have a hint of glam, such as a pewter clutch, silver stud earrings (the floral shape add an unexpected touch of femininity), and lots of rings. I particularly like the spiked midi ring and cut-out bar ring–they have a tough, edgy feel and add a bit of shine to the look. Brush a few coats of nail polish in a gunmetal gray color to finish off a tough, yet chic, Dauntless look.

Divergent Inspired Look – Amity

Divergent Inspired Look - Amity

We’re on the penultimate faction in my five-post series of Divergent-inspired looks. For this post, I created a look inspired by the Amity faction. Amity doesn’t play a huge role in the series, but there have been some intriguing bits involving the Amity faction, and I’ve always been particularly interested in the faction–members of which primarily wear yellow and red. The Amity value peace, and go to great lengths to keep the peace in their faction. According to the series author, Veronica Roth, this faction also tends to be less strict about wearing colors from other factions. I imagine Amity to have a lot more diversity in the colors they wear, but for this post, I chose to stick with the signature red and yellow worn by Amity faction members.

I’ve always pictured Amity-inspired fashion to have a very dainty, easy sort of feel, with flouncy skirts, feminine details, and earthy tones. In this look, I paired a yellow, relaxed-fitting boat-neck sweater with a burgundy skater skirt. Although the book does say that Amity members wear red, I thought burgundy was a more chic, versatile option. The muted color pairs wonderfully with the yellow, and it makes for a perfect canvas for adding accessories without being too loud. I imagine Amity fashion to draw lots of inspiration from nature, so I’ve accessorized the look with a floral headband, flower earrings, and a necklace decorated with tiny pink flowers. The gold color of the headband keeps the look elegant, and other gold accessories such as the crossbody bag and the charm bracelet tie it all together. To add an earthy, yet chic element to this look, slip on some over-the-knee socks in a dark gray color, and finish off with some tan T-strap wedges.

Divergent Inspired Look – Abnegation

Divergent Inspired Fashion - Abnegation
This is the third of five posts on fashion inspired by the five factions in the Divergent series, by Veronica Roth. For this post, I based my look on the Abnegation faction–where protagonist Tris originally comes from. Abnegation values selflessness, so members of this faction live modestly and forgo anything that would be considered self-indulgent. Moreover, members of Abnegation dress in modest robes of gray and wear no jewelry (except a watch, which they are allowed). Although I only had one color to work with, this look was particularly fun to create because I love the color gray, and gray-on-gray outfits are modern and chic, especially in the colder months. For this look, the key is to use basic, functional pieces and add a hint of elegance.┬áThe gray-on-gray color scheme in this ensemble is the most characteristic feature of the Abnegation faction, and the pieces can be worn together for a versatile look. In addition to the colors, simple, modest pieces such as the loose-fitting V-neck sweater and the gray skinny jeans also reflect the nature of Abnegation. To add visual interest to the look, choose pieces in various textures–the knit sweater is complemented by an infinity scarf in a lightweight fabric, and leather ankle boots add a chic touch. For jewelry, add a clean, yet elegant, watch. And while Abnegation members typically do not wear jewelry, a pair of simple, silver studs can add a little shine while still keeping the look modest and demure. To finish off the look, keep your makeup minimal, and tie your hair up in a simple bun.