The blues

Cool tones



It feels a little silly, talking about clothes in light of what’s been happening around the country. I’d like to encourage you to do whatever you can to help–whether it’s donating money, donating blood, or just being there for someone who needs to talk about it and get through it. The small things add up.

I recently started wearing ballet flats again. I took a ballet flat hiatus for a couple years, though I’d worn them all throughout high school and college. I honestly think that sleek sneakers give an outfit a more current, cooler feel, while still being really comfortable, so I often opt for sneakers over ballet flats. But, sometimes flats really do complete an outfit better than sneakers do. I love a good pointed toe flat–it’s comfortable and classy.

Since fall is in full swing (although the weather might say otherwise), I’m all about adding in richer hues into my wardrobe. Burgundy and navy are my favorites, and they all pair well with–surprise surprise–black. I’m not sure who said you couldn’t pair navy and black, but you totally can. In the words of the wise Taylor Swift, “I do it all the time.” Plaid button down shirts are an easy way to add a fall touch to your look–and if there is a nip in the air, add a biker jacket. I love this jacket in gray suede because it’s a familiar silhouette with a different material and color–you often see biker jackets in black leather. The gray suede adds an unexpected touch.


A little flare



I didn’t actually warm up to wearing flares again (not since my junior high/high school days) until I saw some pictures on Pinterest of flares being styled in ways that looked a lot more modern and less 70s. I then bought a pair of flares and wore them, and immediately remembered why I still prefer skinnies. At 5’1, I have to make some kind of hemming alteration to flares, no matter what. If I find a pair I love but they have a 35-inch inseam, the jeans will lose their flare and the cut will change if I get them hemmed. So flares have to be just the right length or not much longer if I want to keep the cut the same. And, I have to have specific pairs to wear with different heel heights. Ugh, the struggle.

If you’re up for the struggle, or if you are of normal height–this is my favorite way to style flares. It looks effortless, chic, and a little undone. The oversize sweater makes this look cozy and perfect for fall, and adding a flare jean dresses up the look (and gives a different feel than a pair of skinny jeans would–though skinny jeans are equally great to wear with an oversize sweater). While high-school me would wear flares with torn-up Converse sneakers and would let the back hems of my flare jeans drag and rip as I walked all over them, current me only prefers flares with heels. Heels really are the best shoe to wear with flares–the combination makes your legs look like they go on for days. I’m honestly not a huge fan of wearing flares with any kind of flat shoe–if you’re wearing flats, a skinny, boyfriend, straight, or girlfriend jean is the way to go. So, pair your flares with a nice heeled boot or stiletto–or a marriage of the two, like this Louboutin pair. Add a bag that’s a little less structured and more utilitarian, like this leather messenger, and complete the look with my favorite accessory: a ring that looks like glamorous brass knuckles.


Getting down to business
If you see me in person (or even in pictures), you’re not likely to get intimidated. I stand at a whopping 5’1, and my RBF isn’t always on point. (On some days, I am actually cheerful. Sometimes.) So, this is a look that’s easy to put together but goes a long way–and it’s perfect for days when I mean business. Start with my favorite base–black skinny jeans–and add a simple black top. When in doubt, I always go head-to-toe black. Not sure what to wear? Head-to-toe black. Feeling bloated and blah? Head-to-toe black. Big date/important function? Head-to-toe black. I don’t care what Anna Wintour says; head-to-toe black is the simplest way to look super chic. Pair the look with some edgy statement shoes, like these Valentino Rockstud stilettos. Add a vampy dark lipstick and throw on a trench coat (I guess the look isn’t entirely head-to-toe black). Then strut like you don’t give a single fuck.


Fall is coming

Deep red

Abercrombie Fitch plaid top / River Island tan jacket / Citizens of Humanity skinny jeans / Christian Louboutin black booties / Prada tote bag / Silver ring / La Perla sunglasses

It’s no secret that fall is my favorite season. Halloween, pumpkin spice everything, crisp cool air….I love it all. While I definitely wear black year-round, when fall rolls around, I’m finally able to pull out my favorite wardrobe piece: my black skinny jeans. I love black skinny jeans. (I may or may not have several pairs in different variations. It’s not excessive if you wear them all!) Black skinny jeans instantly make any outfit edgier, classier, and just more put together. They’re the easiest way to look chic. My favorite pair happens to be this one by Citizens. The fabric is super soft and stretchy, but holds its shape throughout the day. They legit feel like leggings. In winter, I’m usually an all-black-everything-everyday girl. But during fall, I love pairing black skinny jeans with warmer, richer hues, like this burgundy plaid shirt and tan suede jacket. (Also, in fall, I’m a huge sucker for plaid.) Add some sky-high stiletto booties (’cause if you’re having a shit day, at least you look good), a snake ring (admit it, you secretly like Taylor’s new song), and oversize sunglasses to hide your RBF.


Divergent Inspired Look – Amity

Divergent Inspired Look - Amity Redone


Unlike the Candor look I created in 2014, the Amity look I created in 2014 was probably my least favorite. I wanted to create something that was easy and light, because that seemed in line with the Amity characteristics, but the look just felt all over the place and not really sophisticated. I really love this redone Amity look, and it is actually one of my favorites and something I would definitely wear. For this redone Amity look, I wanted to keep that same easy, flowy feel–so I immediately thought of a breezy dress in yellow, since Amity wear yellow and red. I thought a burgundy bucket bag complemented the silhouette of the dress perfectly, and it worked quite well with the shade of yellow. I added a tan leather jacket and caged stiletto sandals to give a little bit of edge to the look. Finally, I topped off the look with some gold jewelry to reflect the sunny nature of Amity.

Divergent Inspired Look – Candor

Divergent Inspired Look - Candor Redone
I’ll be honest…I really loved the Candor look I created in 2014, and I didn’t really want to fix something that wasn’t broken. I thought the look was really perfect as a chic take on what a Candor would wear. So, I basically copied the look with pieces that were a bit more elevated (although I did use the same leather leggings by Paige, and the same Swarovski ring). Instead of black stiletto pumps, I decided to do a unique boot–I’d been waiting for a good opportunity to use these Louboutin boots I found, and I thought that the sleek silhouette and geometric cutouts were a perfect fit for this Candor look. Black leather leggings, combined with a silk shirt and sleek white blazer, are a perfect, clean combo that reflects the straightforward nature of Candors. Simple jewelry, like this ring and bracelet from Swarovski, add to the clean lines of the look, and I finished off the look with a simple bag with a clean, structured silhouette.

Divergent Inspired Look – Abnegation

Divergent Inspired Look - Abnegation Redone


The Abnegation look I created back in 2014 is another look that I still absolutely love (and would definitely wear!). I love gray skinny jeans, and since Abnegation is a very simple, no-frills faction, I thought gray skinny jeans were the perfect base for this look. For footwear, Rag and Bone booties instantly came to my mind–they’re classy, yet sort of rugged and tough in a really chic way (not sure if that makes sense…). This look is really similar to my previous Abnegation look, so I wanted to change things up a bit by having a fitted top with a really cozy, chunky cardigan–I love the idea of a fitted silhouette under a really loose, cozy piece for Abnegation. Finally, since Abnegation members aren’t allowed jewelry except a watch, I decided to go for a piece that was equally utilitarian and stylish–an Apple watch! These can be glammed up, or kept simple, and they serve multiple purposes. I added some silver stud earrings to add just a touch of glam (and the studs are a subtle nod to Tris’s eventual switch to Dauntless, and Tris’s mother’s Dauntless origins), and a simple tote bag with clean lines. (I own this MK bag, and it is my favorite bag ever! Enough room to throw in everything I need, and the saffiano leather is incredibly resilient.)