Not a given

I was just reading this article on HuffPost, about women in their 30s and their take on being single/unmarried. One of the women made a comment that really spoke to me–she learned that being married “wasn’t a given,” although she grew up and lived most of her life assuming that it was. I think this […]

Divergent Inspired Look – Amity

  Alice Olivia short loose dress / Elizabeth and James real leather jacket / Jimmy Choo studded sandals / Céline Lefébure red leather purse / Kendra Scott statement bracelet / Kendra Scott white gold jewellery Unlike the Candor look I created in 2014, the Amity look I created in 2014 was probably my least favorite. I wanted to create something […]

Divergent Inspired Look – Candor

Joseph silk shirt / Temperley London tuxedo jacket / Paige Denim pull on pants / Christian Louboutin black booties / Dolce Gabbana handbags tote / Swarovski wrap bracelet / Swarovski ring / Swarovski necklace I’ll be honest…I really loved the Candor look I created in 2014, and I didn’t really want to fix something that wasn’t broken. I thought the look was […]

Divergent Inspired Look – Erudite

  River Island biker jacket / Blue romper / Christian Louboutin patent leather shoes / Hermès hermes handbag / Kendra scott ring / WWAKE sapphire ring / Chanel jewelry The Erudite look I created back in 2014 is one that I still really love and would absolutely still wear. It’s a timeless, classic look with some subtle nods to the Erudite […]

Divergent Inspired Fashion

Divergent Inspired Fashion by ariadne-aberin on

Millennials aren’t lazy

I’ve come across a lot of articles talking about whether millennials are really lazy, entitled, self-absorbed people instead of the strapping hard-workers their parents were before them. Do I agree? Are millennials lazy, entitled, and self-absorbed? In short, I don’t think millennials are lazy. I think a lot of people, not just millennials, can be […]


I just came across this article on Facebook, courtesy of the Huffington Post, titled “This is Why Our Generation Doesn’t Believe in Settling Down.” I don’t have issues with the way certain people choose to live their lives. That’s up to you, and what you feel is best for yourself. But what rubs me the […]