4 months later….

So I remember in this post, I gave a little update on my singing journey. I started taking voice lessons a few years ago, so I compared an old video with no training, to one I had done after a couple years of training. Since then, I’ve expanded my training, taken training with different instructors, and started studying other aspects of the voice, like resonance and breath control. So, here’s a before and after, about four months apart. The first one is when I had just started to learn more about resonance and breath control, and the second one is after a few months of really working on it, and that song, specifically.

Some differences between the before and after – the after, I feel like, has a stronger resonance and warmer tone. Also note that in the before video, I’m mic’ed, while in the after, I’m not. (TBH, I kind of hate mics….it throws me off ’cause I hear myself differently. I much prefer being un-mic’ed – which I guess also explains why I much prefer more intimate shows rather than big performances.) I changed up the melody a little bit as well, between the time of the before and the after recordings, so the after has some more variations and runs and that I had been working.

The after video is definitely not perfect, and I’m still working at improving, but I’m happy with my progress so far. It hasn’t been without its frustrations (especially considering it’s ME, and I’m a type-A perfectionist and also a bit impatient). But, I’ve been trying more and more to take the pressure off of myself to be perfect, right away, and instead focus on carving out time to practice, even if just a little bit, and focus on specific things–like my breath control, or my resonance, or my tone. I’ll put together some general things I’ve learned, as well as practice tips that I’ve learned, as I’ve spent more time taking singing lessons, ’cause I think that’d be a fun post. Honestly, singing lessons are super fun, and even if you’ve never sung a note in your life but still would like to learn to sing, I HIGHLY recommend it. A good singing teacher will create a really supportive space for you to feel encouraged and excited about learning to sing. But anyway, that’s another post. Here’s the before and after! (Note: The after is just a clip of the song, so to compare the same parts, jump to 1:52-3:10 in the before video.)



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