Divergent Inspired Look – Erudite

Divergent Inspired Look - Erudite Redone


The Erudite look I created back in 2014 is one that I still really love and would absolutely still wear. It’s a timeless, classic look with some subtle nods to the Erudite faction. Since I was revisiting these looks, I wanted to do something equally classic but more in line with my current style. When I thought of an elegant piece in a navy blue color (the color that Erudites wear), the first thing that came to mind was a jumpsuit or romper in a really flowy, drapey style. I love this sateen romper because it has an easy, flowy silhouette, but the utilitarian/shirt-like details make it a little more edgy. I would definitely wear this romper with the top buttons undone, for a look that’s a little less “done.” In my previous Erudite look, my color palette was definitely warmer, so I wanted to mix things up a bit and go with a cooler color scheme. I chose a gray suede moto jacket to top off the romper, and a nude Christian Louboutin pump to add an elegant touch. I thought a Hermes bag would be perfect for this look, both for the allusion to Greek mythology (perfect for those intellectual Erudites!) and for its classic reputation. I chose a turquoise-y blue to complement the navy romper–it adds a nice pop of color while still remaining within the color palette. To finish off the look, I added some gold and rose gold jewelry. These Chanel eagle earrings are perfect–eagles are a symbol of wisdom and intelligence–and the sapphires on the gold ring add another little pop of blue for Erudite.

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