Divergent Inspired Look – Dauntless

Divergent Inspired Look - Dauntless Redone (again)

I don’t know why, but I have a lot of fun with creating looks inspired by the factions in the Divergent series, by Veronica Roth. I’ve revisited the looks (it’s actually my third time revisiting the Dauntless look), and am taking a similar approach as before–a chic, modern take on clothing inspired by each faction.
This Dauntless look is definitely my favorite of the bunch. I’m an all black everything girl–more than half of my wardrobe is black, and there’s something about black that just makes me feel so much more chic and put-together. This look is actually something I’d wear on any given day–and I actually own the Citizens jeans featured in this look (LOVE them; SUPER comfortable and fit so well). Those in the Dauntless faction wear black and have a lot of piercings/tattoos, so I took that edgy aesthetic and translated it into something wearable and chic. Valentino rockstuds are what instantly came to my mind for footwear–these boots are the perfect mix of Dauntless and classy. I also instantly thought of the Kendra Scott Naomi ring, which I own in rose gold–one of my friends commented that the ring looks like brass knuckles! It’s definitely a good mix of edgy and elegant, which is perfect for this look. I chose a black suede moto jacket so there wouldn’t be a leather overload–and I think the suede complements the rest of the look perfectly. Finally, I added a subtle ear cuff–I love ear cuffs and think they’re so cool and fitting for a Dauntless-inspired look.

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