Divergent Inspired Look – Abnegation

Divergent Inspired Look - Abnegation Redone


The Abnegation look I created back in 2014 is another look that I still absolutely love (and would definitely wear!). I love gray skinny jeans, and since Abnegation is a very simple, no-frills faction, I thought gray skinny jeans were the perfect base for this look. For footwear, Rag and Bone booties instantly came to my mind–they’re classy, yet sort of rugged and tough in a really chic way (not sure if that makes sense…). This look is really similar to my previous Abnegation look, so I wanted to change things up a bit by having a fitted top with a really cozy, chunky cardigan–I love the idea of a fitted silhouette under a really loose, cozy piece for Abnegation. Finally, since Abnegation members aren’t allowed jewelry except a watch, I decided to go for a piece that was equally utilitarian and stylish–an Apple watch! These can be glammed up, or kept simple, and they serve multiple purposes. I added some silver stud earrings to add just a touch of glam (and the studs are a subtle nod to Tris’s eventual switch to Dauntless, and Tris’s mother’s Dauntless origins), and a simple tote bag with clean lines. (I own this MK bag, and it is my favorite bag ever! Enough room to throw in everything I need, and the saffiano leather is incredibly resilient.)

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