Divergent Inspired Look – Candor

Divergent Inspired Look - Candor Redone
I’ll be honest…I really loved the Candor look I created in 2014, and I didn’t really want to fix something that wasn’t broken. I thought the look was really perfect as a chic take on what a Candor would wear. So, I basically copied the look with pieces that were a bit more elevated (although I did use the same leather leggings by Paige, and the same Swarovski ring). Instead of black stiletto pumps, I decided to do a unique boot–I’d been waiting for a good opportunity to use these Louboutin boots I found, and I thought that the sleek silhouette and geometric cutouts were a perfect fit for this Candor look. Black leather leggings, combined with a silk shirt and sleek white blazer, are a perfect, clean combo that reflects the straightforward nature of Candors. Simple jewelry, like this ring and bracelet from Swarovski, add to the clean lines of the look, and I finished off the look with a simple bag with a clean, structured silhouette.

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