Now is not the time….

Look, I get it. I get how those of you who supported trump are proud that he won, in spite of the media, celebrities, your neighbor, that rando on the street, assuring you that he would lose. And I get how it can be tempting to relish that victory, to show how the right side won and the liberal media is biased and people are just awful but you really showed them.

I understand you feel pride that your candidate won…but now isn’t the time for pride. Be proud if trump proves himself to be a strong defender of the Constitution and the rights that it protects. Be proud if trump proves himself to be a president for all Americans. Be proud if trump proves to be an example of compassion, leadership, and hard work.

Be honest with yourself–does trump really make you proud? Are his actions since his election victory, and especially since his inauguration, things to be proud of?

Are you proud of the fact that he rambled on about his inauguration crowd size and the “dishonest media” in front of a CIA memorial? On a day that was meant for him to make amends with the intelligence community, thank them for their service, and show he was willing to work with them?

Are you proud that he has appointed people who have clearly shown themselves to be bigots, or uninformed and inexperienced, or all of the above? Are you proud that he has fired an attorney general who only acted in the interest of defending the Constitution, all because she didn’t do what he said?

Are you proud of all his conflicts of interests? Are you proud that he hasn’t shown, and will likely never show, his tax returns?

Are you proud of the fact that trump doesn’t seem to comprehend the concept of free press? Are you proud that trump is seeming more and more like, well, a fascist?

Are you proud of the fact that he wants to spend billions of dollars building a wall that Americans will inevitably have to pay for? Wouldn’t that money be better spent on our infrastructure, healthcare, literally anything else that’s a more direct benefit to this country?

Are you proud of the Muslim ban? He has banned Muslims from seven countries, and yet has not banned travel from Muslim countries with which he has business interests. Even though it’s been shown that an immigration ban doesn’t do much to protect us and does more harm than good, I suppose you feel safer now. Do note that there is a difference between feeling safe and actually being safe.

Are you proud that trump continues to display characteristics of malignant narcissism? Are you proud that trump seems to think things like humility and emotion and compassion are signs of weakness? Are you proud that he appears to lack empathy?

Look, nobody’s trying to take away from trump’s election victory, nobody’s doing this out of bitterness–he won, and that’s that. And I get that you may think that we’re being unfairly critical of him. But honestly, he did this to himself. Nobody made him do or say any of the things that give us doubt about his abilities to lead this country. He did that. He can’t expect us to be all chill with him when he has given us no reason to feel safe. He can’t expect us to support his presidency when he doesn’t even seem to want to support us. If trump shows that he is willing to get his act together and lead this country the right way–with justice and compassion and defending the rights of everybody–then great. But based on what we’ve seen so far, that doesn’t seem likely. And we’re not letting that slide.

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