This is not a normal election. This is more than just rooting for your party’s candidate and being upset when he or she doesn’t win. This isn’t just a matter of accepting the differences of opinion on someone’s choice for the Presidency and moving on, as if we’ll have another chance to make things better in 2020, because I honestly don’t know if we will. I stood with Barack Obama in 2012, but I never questioned Mitt Romney’s suitability to run this country. I never questioned whether John McCain was fit for Office. This time is completely different. I understand how you might choose one candidate over another due to differences in opinion over policy and social issues, and if this were any other—normal—election, I wouldn’t be this vocal or this outraged. We were faced with the choice between someone who has made mistakes throughout her career but is qualified and fit for the Oval Office—and someone who has never held any sort of office and has never been in a public service position. You say he’s a good businessman, and he’ll turn the economy around. But business is not the same as government. The objective of a business is to turn a profit; the objective of government is to protect its people. Businesses lay people off for various reasons, they fire people, they often have to make tough decisions that affect its employees—for the good of the business. That’s not what government does. Government doesn’t let people go if the country isn’t doing so well. Government is inclusive. You say that you want trump to be President because he will run America the same way he has run his businesses? Do you even know how his businesses have been run? Do you even know if his employees were happy working for him? Do you even know how he treated his employees, whether they were dispensable to him, or whether he valued them? If trump is running America like a business, then we are, essentially, his employees. And we damn well better hope that he’s a fair employer that treats us like human beings instead of a means to an end.

We are choosing someone who has no idea how the government works, who has consistently shown us, very clearly, how little he knows about the issues our country is facing. Who has virtually zero empathy that he cannot even comfort a Gold Star family. This is not the best we can do. We have—or rather, had—a better choice, and we refused to make it. We chose someone who was outside the “establishment” because we weren’t satisfied with the past few years. We think that politicians don’t understand the majority of the people; that they only care about themselves. But trump is no different. trump only cares about himself. We had other choices who would have worked to fix the problems we were facing, but instead, we chose to create a bigger problem, while not actually solving the problems we had to begin with. Right now, I fear that as a person of color, my citizenship will be questioned. (I came to this country legally and became a citizen in 2002, for the record. And it’s outrageous that I feel I need to mention this to protect myself in the first place.) I fear whether there will be a place for me under the leadership of a man who has consistently exhibited racist and misogynist behavior. I fear for my friends who are Muslim and/or LGBTQ. I fear that the glass ceiling will never be broken. I fear that as a writer, I will not be able to freely express my opinions without fear of punishment. I fear that all the progress we have made, all the things we have worked for to make America progressive and equal for all, will be undone. This is what the result of this election has brought on for me. Not hope. Not optimism. Fear. I hope we’ll be able to get out of this mess, but right now, I’m really disappointed in us, America.

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