Divergent Inspired Look – Dauntless

Divergent Inspired Look - Dauntless

We’ve finally gotten to the fifth and final faction in my Divergent Inspired Look series: Dauntless. Dauntless is the faction that values courage and bravery, and it plays a pivotal role in the Divergent series. Dauntless is the faction that Tris chooses, and it is where she forms (and discovers) her true identity as a Divergent.

In the novel, the Dauntless are described as wearing black clothes with tattoos and piercings. They are often seen doing a range of fearless feats, such as jumping from staggering heights or onto moving trains. I wanted to incorporate that toughness into this look, while still keeping the look sleek and modern. When I think Dauntless, what comes to mind are edgy pieces and tough fabrics with a lot of hardware detailing. To start, pair some high-waisted black skinny jeans with a loose-fitting charcoal crop top for a trendy twist. Add some pieces that are distinctly Dauntless, such as black lace-up combat boots and a black leather jacket with silver hardware details. Finish off with some edgy accessories that have a hint of glam, such as a pewter clutch, silver stud earrings (the floral shape add an unexpected touch of femininity), and lots of rings. I particularly like the spiked midi ring and cut-out bar ring–they have a tough, edgy feel and add a bit of shine to the look. Brush a few coats of nail polish in a gunmetal gray color to finish off a tough, yet chic, Dauntless look.

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