Divergent Inspired Look – Amity

Divergent Inspired Look - Amity

We’re on the penultimate faction in my five-post series of Divergent-inspired looks. For this post, I created a look inspired by the Amity faction. Amity doesn’t play a huge role in the series, but there have been some intriguing bits involving the Amity faction, and I’ve always been particularly interested in the faction–members of which primarily wear yellow and red. The Amity value peace, and go to great lengths to keep the peace in their faction. According to the series author, Veronica Roth, this faction also tends to be less strict about wearing colors from other factions. I imagine Amity to have a lot more diversity in the colors they wear, but for this post, I chose to stick with the signature red and yellow worn by Amity faction members.

I’ve always pictured Amity-inspired fashion to have a very dainty, easy sort of feel, with flouncy skirts, feminine details, and earthy tones. In this look, I paired a yellow, relaxed-fitting boat-neck sweater with a burgundy skater skirt. Although the book does say that Amity members wear red, I thought burgundy was a more chic, versatile option. The muted color pairs wonderfully with the yellow, and it makes for a perfect canvas for adding accessories without being too loud. I imagine Amity fashion to draw lots of inspiration from nature, so I’ve accessorized the look with a floral headband, flower earrings, and a necklace decorated with tiny pink flowers. The gold color of the headband keeps the look elegant, and other gold accessories such as the crossbody bag and the charm bracelet tie it all together. To add an earthy, yet chic element to this look, slip on some over-the-knee socks in a dark gray color, and finish off with some tan T-strap wedges.

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