Divergent Inspired Look – Abnegation

Divergent Inspired Fashion - Abnegation
This is the third of five posts on fashion inspired by the five factions in the Divergent series, by Veronica Roth. For this post, I based my look on the Abnegation faction–where protagonist Tris originally comes from. Abnegation values selflessness, so members of this faction live modestly and forgo anything that would be considered self-indulgent. Moreover, members of Abnegation dress in modest robes of gray and wear no jewelry (except a watch, which they are allowed). Although I only had one color to work with, this look was particularly fun to create because I love the color gray, and gray-on-gray outfits are modern and chic, especially in the colder months. For this look, the key is to use basic, functional pieces and add a hint of elegance. The gray-on-gray color scheme in this ensemble is the most characteristic feature of the Abnegation faction, and the pieces can be worn together for a versatile look. In addition to the colors, simple, modest pieces such as the loose-fitting V-neck sweater and the gray skinny jeans also reflect the nature of Abnegation. To add visual interest to the look, choose pieces in various textures–the knit sweater is complemented by an infinity scarf in a lightweight fabric, and leather ankle boots add a chic touch. For jewelry, add a clean, yet elegant, watch. And while Abnegation members typically do not wear jewelry, a pair of simple, silver studs can add a little shine while still keeping the look modest and demure. To finish off the look, keep your makeup minimal, and tie your hair up in a simple bun.

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