Jewel Tones

Jewel Tones

Since colored jeans became a thing, I’ve been a huge fan of jewel tones. They’re surprisingly versatile and add a rich pop of color to any ensemble. Moreover, jewel tones aren’t limited to any seasons–with the right pieces to complement them and the right accessories, jewel tones are versatile enough to work as fall, winter, spring, and summer colors. I recently bought a dark green pair of skinnies from Zara, and I love how they go with almost anything in my closet. Jewel tones can be paired with more than just neutrals–in this set, I’ve paired some dark green, high-waisted skinny jeans with deep blue ballet flats–one of my favorite color combinations. A cropped sweater lets you show off your jeans, and adds a cute retro twist to your look. Throw on a khaki trench to arm yourself against rain or cold, and finish the look with a black tote bag (this Kate Spade is one of my favorites). I like tying my hair up in a messy high bun with this sort of look, and adding some pearl stud earrings. It ties the look together in a way that’s stylish and effortless.

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