Live Blog: Lady Bears Basketball Game, Baylor vs. Georgia Tech

For today’s post, I decided I’d do something a little bit different. As many of you college sports fanatics know, today at 1:30, the Baylor Lady Bears will be playing against Georgia Tech in the third NCAA Championship. As a devoted Baylor Bear, I’ll be watching and live-blogging the game. So, keep your eyes out for updates on this post, and share your thoughts on the game in the comments section! Check out the game updates below.

The Lady Bears put on an excellent performance during today’s game and bring home yet another victory, maintaining their record of having an undefeated season.  Many players shined and made great contributions to their team, including Odyssey Sims, Destiny Williams, and of course, Brittney Griner. Griner scored 35 points, 10 rebounds, and six blocks throughout the game. When asked about her memorable two-hand dunk, Griner responded, “[When she passed it], I knew I was going to dunk it…I wanted to get a two-hand dunk.” Although the Georgia Tech scored 22 points in the last 8 minutes and kept all their starting players on the floor, Coach Kim Mulkey said she stood by her decision to give her starting players some rest on the bench and give other players a chance on the floor. Baylor nonetheless took home a momentous win, putting them on the path to another NCAA Championship game. During today’s game, the Lady Bears demonstrated an outstanding sense of team unity, Baylor pride, and passion for the sport they love, and in the end, their teamwork was reflected in the game outcome. Today is a great day for the Baylor nation, as we have a perfect season so far and are well on our way to making Lady Bear history. Will the Lady Bears claim the Final NCAA Championship victory? That remains to be seen, but with their stellar record and incredible players, the outcome is looking bright. Sic ’em!

3:30 pm – Baylor wins!!! Score is 83-68. Baylor is headed to the Elite Eight against Tennessee.

3:28 pm – Georgia Tech makes free throw, now at 66 points.

3:27 pm – Sydney Wallace of GT scores. GT at 64 points. Baylor makes 3-pointer. 83-64.

3:24 pm – Baylor makes one out of two free throws. 81-56. Georgia Tech scores, now with 59 points.

3:23 pm – Marshall of GT makes a double-double. Baylor in the lead with 80-56.

3:22 pm – Baylor makes two free throws.

3:21 pm – Brooklyn Pope at free throw line, makes first free throw, misses second free throw.

3:17 pm – Georgia Tech scores again, 77-54.

3:16 pm – Georgia Tech scores, score is now 77-51.

3:12 pm – Georgia Tech gets rebound after Baylor misses shot. Griner has the ball; Griner DUNKS!!! She is only the second player to have two NCAA Tournament dunks. Baylor in the lead, 77-46.

3:10 pm – 8 minutes, 21 seconds left in game. Brittney Griner makes block against GT. Commentator: Everyone on Baylor team understands their roles and plays them to the best of their ability, and that’s what makes them so dangerous. Griner at 33 points.

3:09 pm – Baylor scores, 72-46.

3:05 pm – Brooklyn Pope makes one free throw, misses second free throw. Commentator: Baylor is trying to match what they did in 2005, winning an NCAA Championship.

3:04 pm – Commentator: Baylor has done a terrific job handling the pressure.

3:03 pm – Georgia Tech misses both free throws. Baylor in the lead with 65-42.

3:02 pm – Goodlett makes fourth foul, now at bench. Griner makes free throw.

2:58 pm – Sasha Goodlett of Georgia Tech has ball, misses shot.

2:57 pm – Wallace has scored 21 points, 3rd consecutive game where she has scored over 20 points. Wallace is still working to keep the competition up. Griner scores, spins baseline. Griner is averaging over 20 points per game.

2:56 pm – Griner now has made 27 points, Baylor at 63-38

2:55 pm – Griner has made 25 points, 10 rebounds, another double-double for Griner

2:52 pm – Another triple for Sydney Wallace; GT needs to find a way to get a couple of defensive stops to top Baylor. Coach Kim Mulkey calls time out, asking for a foul. Sydney has scored 19 points for Georgia Tech so far. GT is behind, but still fighting for a victory.

2:51 pm – Williams has made 9 out of 10 shots, almost at her career-high. Griner scores, Baylor up 57-33

2:46 pm – Odyssey Sims (Baylor) scores a 3-pointer, Baylor in the lead 53-31. Lady Bears are dominating Georgia Tech on the court.

2:45 pm – Williams has scored a total of 18 points so far. Commentator: As the season has progressed, Williams has continued to develop offensively.

2:42 pm – Hayden (Baylor) gets the steal, passes to Sims, Sims misses, Griner scores

2:41 pm – 2nd half of game resumes, Georgia Tech has the ball. Wallace of GT scores.

2:40 pm – Commentator: Griner is such a dominating presence, too tough for Georgia Tech to handle.

2:28 pm – In just the halftime, Williams has scored a game-high of 16 points, Brittney Griner has scored 15 points, 6 rebounds, 2 assists. Baylor was out of rhythm for the first few minutes of the game, but once the players started passing the ball to Griner, they seemed to get back in it. Georgia Tech made 13 turnovers. So far, the leading scorer has been Destiny Williams, with Brittney Griner as the leading rebounder. For Georgia Tech, the leading scorer has been Sydney Wallace, scoring 11 points, with Marshall as the leading rebounder with 5 rebounds. Free throw percentage for Baylor so far is 71.4%, field goal percentage is 53.5%. For Georgia Tech, free throw percentage is 100%; field goal percentage is 30%.

Brittney Griner has been a standout player throughout the first half of the game. She has shown a range of skills, including point guard skills, rebounds, and blocks. The Lady Bears have been giving a strong performance throughout the first half of the game, and very likely, they are on their way to another victory and a near-perfect season.

2:23 pm – Destiny Williams: “Our guards did a good job.” Halftime, Baylor in the lead 42-26.

2:22 pm – Sims misses shot, Baylor shooting 55% in first half of game

2:19 pm – Commentator: “Odyssey Sims has set the tone for today’s game on the defensive end.”

2:18 pm – Makenzie Robertson (Baylor) alleyoop to Griner, Griner scores

2:16 pm – Griner blocks against Georgia Tech

2:14 pm – Georgia Tech fouls against Griner, Griner makes free throw

2:10 pm – Georgia Tech scores, score is 34-18

2:07 pm – Baylor up, 34-14, time out called by Coach Kim Mulkey

2:05 pm – two Baylor players have already scored double figures, pass to Williams, Brittney Griner shows point guard skills

2:01 pm – Georgia Tech’s Wallace misses shot

2:00 pm – Commentators: Brittney Griner got a chance to practice with some of the best players in the world this summer, helped her grow since her freshman year

1:59 pm – Brittney Griner makes two free throws

1:58 pm – Georgia Tech scores first 2 points in the paint

1:56 pm – Baylor in the lead, 26-10

1:53 pm – Second media timeout, Lady Bears up 23-10

1:51 pm – Destiny Williams (Baylor) steals and scores a lay-up

1: 50 pm – Odyssey Sims (Baylor) makes first free throw, misses second, Baylor gets offensive rebound

1:49 pm – Baylor up 18-10

1:47 pm – Griner scores again, spin over right shoulder, Baylor up 6 to Georgia Tech

1:46 pm – Griner scores two off the glass

1:42 pm – 1st media timeout, Baylor and Georgia Tech tied at 10

1:39 pm – Sydney Wallace of Georgia Tech scores

1:37 pm – Marshall (Georgia Tech) makes two free throws, Jordan Madden (Baylor) misses shot

1:34 pm – Griner assists to Destiny Williams

1:33 pm – Griner against Georgia Tech point guard, Griner draws a foul, makes two free throws

1:30 pm – Commentator, “Brittney Griner is the most recognizable name in Women’s basketball right now.”

1:28 pm – Georgia Tech Coach interviewed, shares her thoughts on how to block Brittney Griner (Baylor), “I think the only person who can stop Brittney Griner is Brittney Griner…just as good on the defense.” Outside shooting will be a key for Georgia Tech today.

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